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Continue using WhatsApp on BlackBerry :)

How to use WhatsApp on BB10 even after they stop service for BB10 ???

   hey wassup reader's this is M.Mansuri from softwaria the news came out that WhatsApp will no longer support BB10 OS it was a heart breaking news for every BlackBerry lover' got made at BlackBerry and their comments in BlackBerry World proves that how much they love BB OS.I myself personally use BlackBerry Z30 and ya it is the amazing device i have ever had.

    well coming back to solution for this many of them must be knowing that BB10 OS also supports android APK files if you were not knowing this then i swear this is the truth :D thanks to BB10 OS.If you are not familarise with how to install APK files on BB10 OS then watch my video 

Note- it is recommended to watch this video if you don't know how to install APK files

and if you know how to install it then

Download the WhatsApp apk from 9Apps - DOWNLOAD NOW

or Download it from OFFICIAL WhatsApp Website  - DOWNLOAD NOW

Earn Rs.2000 and more per month from Flipkart.

Earn Rs.2000 and more from Flipkart just by sharing links. 
hey readers do you know you can earn Rs.2000 and more per month from Flipkart ?????

It is very easy you don't need to be  a webmaster for just need to select the product and share the link with your friends and family or your Facebook page or Instagram.and earn the commission from can also earn just by asking them to install the Flipkart application .I am also an Flipkart Publisher you can see my earning below.If you are webmaster then not only from Flipkart but you can also earn from Amazon,Snapdeal and ebay but the easiest way is from Flipkart.
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so how to register yourself with Flipkart and earn ?
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Earn 5000 and more per month just by filling surveys

Earn money from surveys the easiest way to earn for your pocket money 😍

Hey readers this is M.Mansuri from Softwaria Solutions and in this post i will explain you what are this surveys and how you can earn money from surveys 😉

imagine your company is launching a car but you don't know what people look for before buying car 😕 so to meet the requirements of the consumers this surveys are carried out where you give your opinion 👆 surveys can be on different topics health care products,financial products etc

so now from where you will get this surveys ??? it is recommended that you watch this video.👇

just sign up on this websites which are given below they are the genuine survey websites which really pays 👍

1) ViewFruit (Recommended for Indians)

2) AIP
3) Opinion World (no 2 rank)
4) Global Test Market (no 1 rank)

5) Valued Opinions (no 3 rank)
6) The Panel Station 
or you can directly sign up on Panel Place and it will suggest you best panel website based on your qualification,age,ann…

Free App to Square image on BlackBerry

Free and easy way to square your pic's on BlackBerry      every application which converts your large size pic into sqaure size are not free on BlackBerry world i was searching for application to square my pics and i came across many apps but they were not free if they were free to download then after 2 days they use to put watermark on the images :( but i kept on searching and guess what i found the most useful and the best app for image editing,squaring etc

hey guys this is M.Mansuri from softwaria solutions and the easy and free way to square your pics is by using Effictica Social App which is available on  BlackBerry World if you already have this app then maybe you might not be knowing that it can even square your pic an that too for free without any watermark

just download this app from BB World and follow this steps

Download Effectica Social -

Step 1 : Choose your Image

Step 2 : Click on o…

How to root Intex Aqua N7

M.Mansuri 03/09/15


 Hello readers if you want to root your Intex Aqua N7 then here is a one click root software which will work 100%  for your device Intex Aqua N7

* To root your device first turn on the USB Debugging
Go to Setting > About Phone > Build Number (tap the build number continuously for 6 times) then press back and go to developer options > on the USB Debugging    

* Now download the KIngo Root and install it on your Pc
after installing launch the KINGO ROOT and then connect your device to PC then KINGO ROOT will detect your device and the rooting process will get started it will take upto 15 mins 
Do not uninstall SUPER USER application which will be installed during rooting because this application is  like a manager which will handle your rooted device by giving permissions to the applications 

if you still need any assistance then just chat with us our Engineers are live available for you you can also unroot Intex Aqua N7 by …

Asus Zenfone 4 Lollipop update files

Lollipop update for Sony Xperia e3

M.Mansuri 13/04/15

 Hello readers this is M.Mansuri from Softwaria Solutions and in this post i am going to discuss about how to install the Lollipop update on your Sony Xperia E3 Devices.

    Well Sony has not officially announced any update regarding this device because it is said that they will only release Lollipop updates for Xperia Z series.I am personally using this device the biggest con of this device is the Low Internal Storage of this device it comes with 4 GB Internal from which only 1.17 GB is user available after installing few apps like WhatsApp and Facebook they will eat up 500 MB storage approx.

    Many users asked me how to root this device so that they can get rid of the "Low Internal Storage Error" well to root Xperia Devices you need to Download "IROOT"

"keep in mind that rooting will void your device warranty"

After rooting you can also remove the System Apps which you were not able to remove before rooting for example Google+,Gmail etc